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E50 Electrosurgery


Trusted performance and quality have always been values associated with Eschmann products and the new E50 is no exception.


Technical Specifications

Monopolar Cut

Precise 80W
Pure cut 350W
Precise Cut 80W
Blend 8 Levels 180W
Cut with drying 150W
Specialist cut 350W
Argon cut 350W
Papillotomy/Polypectomy 9 levels 150W

Monopolar Coagulation

Soft coagulation 200W
Forced coagulation 200W
Forced coagulation II 80W
Spray coagulation 80W
Argon coagulation 80W
Argon pulse coagulation 80W

Bipolar Cutting

Bipolar cutting
(4 different levels of haemostasis)
Bipolar specialist cut 350W

Bipolar Coagulation

Bipolar coagulation 120W
AutoStart / AutoStop automatic start and stop of bipolar coag.

Argon Beam

Gas type pure argon 5.0 (99.999%) or 4.8 (99.998%)
Inlet gas pressure 0.25-0.4MPa
Gas outflow 0.1-9.9 l/min, regulated 0.1 l/min in whole range
Pressure gauge reducer (0.4MPa) on argon cylinder

Vessel Sealing

Vessel sealing system 250W
AutoStop automatic stop of sealing process after achieving the optimal effect
Effect regulation 8 levels of intensity regulation

Weight & Dimensions

Length 420mm
Width 380mm
Height 160mm
Weight 12kg

Power Supply

Supply voltage 230V 50/60Hz

Other Features

PowerStart system Boosts the beginning of cutting process
Power regulation system Automatic power regulation depends on needs
PP endoscopic programme Includes endo detect
Programme memory 104 different memory locations
MultiSwitch Remote programme selection by footswitch
Outputs 2 monopolar, 2 bipolar
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Product Information

Ease of use is at the heart of our innovations; we strive to ensure our products are intuitive to use, allowing the clinician to concentrate on the job in hand. The touch-screen technology of the E50 electrosurgery system takes the ease of use to a whole new level, minimising training requirements and facilitating fast set-up.

The E50 features leading edge technology in the form of Vessel Sealing and Argon Coagulation. Bipolar Vessel Sealing allows the sealing of vessels and tissue bundles up to 7mm in diameter. Argon Beam is a monopolar technology using high frequency electrical current to deliver ionized argon gas to create a wide area of coagulation with a limited penetration depth of 3mm.

The E50 delivers exceptional versatility through its 24 research based cutting and coagulation modes, plus optional Vessel Sealing and Argon Beam modes never before available in such an intuitive package.

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